In these days of Facebook and YouTube, it’s quite unusual for an artist to have only local and region fame for years. Especially in a small and ‘online’ country as Sweden. Unusual but maybe a good thing since it allows the artist to grow and develop before getting exposed nationally and/or internationally.

Johan Örjansson is a star in his hometown Falkenberg on the west coast of Sweden, but only a few afficionados outside that region know his works. Despite three really good albums released since 2007.

But there is an overall feeling that this strange situation is about to change dramatically with the release of the new album »Melancholic Melodies For Broken Times”.

The new album showcases Örjansson as the brilliant songwriter he is. But it is his vocals that really makes him stand out from the crowds. His voice was always there, but in the last few years he’s developed into a world class singer.

The American singer/sonwriter Israel Nash Gripka heard was knocked out by his performance as support act about a year ago and invited him to do a major Scandinavian tour in the spring of 2012. Recently international illuminairies like Will Kimbrough (Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell) and the Austin band Deadman have applies for membership in the Johan Örjanssons (inofficial) fanclub.

By the way, Israel Nash Gripka delivers background vocals on «If I Were To Love You».

At the release of Örjanssons previous album «Orange» a Swedish reviewer wrote: ”Orange is very good. The next album will be world class if they manage to catch on tape the magic of Johan and his band performing live«.

Now we know. Yeas they really did capture the magic. Yes, »Melancholic Melodies for Broken Times« is a world class album.


Johan Örjansson